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Hanatan - Jishou Mushoku
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Hanatan - Jishou Mushoku
自傷無色 covered by 花たん
Original: 自傷無色
Music, Lyrics & Video: nekobolo


Imagine Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Yachi all forming a study group together. Half their allotted study sessions are successful (meaning that they actually help each other and get things done), and the other half of their study sessions are filled with the boys bickering and poor Yachi hesitating about playing peacemaker. When she does ask them to be quiet, it’s in her usual timorous manner, but the boys promptly shut up and go back to work.

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#lucy saying ‘there’s time to cry later’ is probably one of the best things in the manga #she’s sad and grieving because she’s unable to see her friend anymore #but she’s living up to what aquarius told her to do #her friends are still in danger and she has to save them #she stands up with the belief that she won’t lose - she will win - she will survive and she will have time to cry for aquarius #even in her sadness she will stand strong for the sake of her friends #i have said so many times that characters who aren’t strong in physical terms are not weak #their strength lies in different forms #lucy’s strength has always lain in her kindness and love and will to keep fighting no matter how powerless she is #and the spirit king acknowledges the love lucy has - in return he gives her the power to help save her friends (via catsandchildren)


can’t stop won’t stop drawing these twoooo <3333

i'm the person who asked about your ships, thanks for replying o(*゚▽゚*)o i /totally/ agree about there being different types of relationships you support so yeah, it's really cool that you specified!! i don't want to ramble on and on haha,, , thanks again, it was a great read!

GOSH YOU’RE ADORABLE ! Thank you for thinking that what I did was cool aaah (☆▽☆) ((though it’s super super bad form for me to reply to this one month later … aksdjkadfh i’m so sorry about that, i didn’t mean to keep you waiting for this reply … if you were waiting at all gah))

And oh, keep rambling if you’d like to; I don’t mind it at all !!!! I love getting asks like that and I’d like to interact more with my followers if I could … !! I may take forever with replies, but I really do intend to get to them eventually … my friends would know about this terrible habit of mine ah … *eyes my multitude of unanswered asks guiltily*

But yeah !! You’re absolutely welcome; thank you for taking the time to read my reply at all and I’d love to see you back in my inbox sometime if you’re up for it


i want to be kind. i want to have a beautiful heart.